Oriyomi Saheed believes in ILERA EKO health scheme
Sanusi Fausat shares her testimony
Chairman JUSUN Lagos State, on ILERA EKO

Our Mandate

1. Ensure all residents of the state have access to Health Care Services
2. Ensure all residents of the State have financial protection, physical access to effective, quality, and affordable health care services

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Our Mission

To improve quality of care and provide financial risk protection against catastrophic and impoverishing healthcare spending for all residents of Lagos state through a mandatory health insurance scheme that is based on the principles of equity and solidarity.

Our Vision

To improve the overall health indices of Lagos state through Universal Health Coverage for all residents of the state.


Ileraeko website

The ILERA EKO Insurance Scheme is a social health insurance plan under the Lagos State Health Scheme consisting of basic primary and some secondary care suitable for formal and informal sector workers in Lagos State.   Read More

Lagos State Health Scheme

 The Lagos State Health Scheme (LSHS) was established by the Lagos State Health Scheme (LSHS) Law No 4 of May 2015 to ensure that all residents of the state have access to healthcare services at affordable rates, thereby protecting families from the financial hardship of huge medical bills.  Read More 

“EKOTELEMED” provided by LASHMA for the residents in the State to further protect the residents and reduce their risk of contracting coronavirus. The toll free line 08000EKOMED provides the residents in the state with 24/7 access to.. Read More 


We have over 200 and still counting Health Care Providers registered on our scheme. And over half a million lives as at end of June 2022 registered on our scheme.
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