Our Story

Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA) was established by the enabling act No. 14 of 25 May, 2015 and registered in Lagos State of Nigeria (Official Gazette No. 32, Vol. 48) dated 5th June 2015 to ensure that all residents of Lagos State including Public Servants have access to affordable and quality Health Care. Through the Scheme, people living in Lagos can be protected from financial distress resulting from huge medical bills.

Lagos State Health Scheme

The Ministry in conjunction with the State House of Assembly drafted the Lagos State Health Scheme Bill and this was signed into law in May 2015, the Lagos State Health Scheme (LSHS) Law establishes the:

  • Lagos State Health Management Agency
  • Lagos State Health Scheme and
  • Lagos State Health Fund.

Lagos State Health Fund (LASHEF) will serve as a basket of funds from several sources for the provision of health care services for the enrolled population.

Sources include:

  • Not less than 1% of the Consolidated Revenue Fund
  • Premiums from the formal and informal sector
  • Donations and Grants-in-aid
  • National Health Act through the NHIS and NPHCDA
Our Objectives Our Vision Our Mission
  1. Ensure all residents of the State have access to healthcare services.
  2. Ensure all residents of the State have financial protection, physical access to effective, quality and affordable healthcare services.
  3. Protect families from the financial hardship of huge medical bills.
  4. Limit the rise in the cost of huge medical bills.
  5. Ensure equitable distribution of healthcare care cost across different income groups.
  6. Maintain a high standard of  health care delivery services within the scheme.

To improve the overall health indices of Lagos state through Universal Health Coverage for all residents of the state.

To improve quality of care and provide financial risk protection against catastrophic and impoverishing healthcare spending for all residents of Lagos state through a mandatory health insurance scheme that is based on the principles of equity and solidarity.

We have a great History ...


Dec 2018

Inauguration of the Agency

Dec 2020

Universal Heath Coverage (UHC Day) Event

May 2015

LSHS Law was passed

June 2020

Civil Servants Access Care

Feb 2021

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